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Why Play Squash ?

Squash is a great way to keep fit and healthy ! Squash was voted by Forbes Magazine as the as the world’s healthiest sport so no matter what level you play at you will still get a great workout in little time. Which is great for the busy lifestyles we all live today. Squash burns up to 1500 calories per hour in a competitive, fun environment that delivers significant health benefits in as little as half an hour. You can burn enough energy in a half an hour to compensate for eating two average hamburgers or even a beer or two in our great facilities. Squash is in doors so the weather doesn’t matter. It is also children friendly so this makes it easy for those who have children. With our Squash Club been accessible 24/7 it doesn’t matter is you work nights or days the club is still accessible 24/7 for you’re connivence.

Ways to Play Squash at our Club ?

  • Play in our pennant which is on Thursday Night from 6:30pm
  • Play in our Midlands inter-club Team
  • Our Monday open night from 6:00pm
  • Get a key and play when suites you best

Types of Squash Balls ?

Larger balls (Hi-Balls, Racquetball balls)

These balls are good for children to gain hand eye on the court. Once they have gained hand eye co-ordination the Blue bot ball is the better option. The Larger balls can become dangers on the court once they have gained co-ordination as it will bounce all around the court.

Blue Bot (fast Ball)

This ball is used by coaches all around New Zealand as it keeps it temperature. This ball will bounce more than the single bot yellow ball. This ball is a good ball to use if you are starting out in the game or if its a little cold.

Yellow Bot (Slow)

This is the official New Zealand Squash competition ball. This ball will cool down faster than the blue bot ball. But is better than a blue bot in warmer conditions and the rallies are long.

Double Yellow (very Slow)

This ball is the New Zealand Squash competition ball for higher graded players. It is slower again than the single yellow bot. It cools down faster than the yellow bot. We only recoumend this ball if you are a higher graded player or if the temperature is warm and the rallies are long.

Where can I learn to play ?